29 March, 2010


Is your family always familar? What will you discover when you turn your camera toward your family members, especially your immediate family. The series Days with my father by Phillip Toledano is a very moving portrait of a relationship between a parent and child.

31 January, 2010

Winter in TZ color

I cannot remember when it was last this cold for this long. All of January has been freezing and with far too much snow; it's not fun anymore. The only sensible thing to do is to curl up in front of the fireplace - or go somewhere else.

I have a few boxes of TZ film for my SX-70. They've expired and the colors have gone sligthly weird, but sometimes that actually works in a quirky kind of way.

© 2010 Lise Baltzer

17 January, 2010

Freezing my toes off

Last week winter hit Denmark big time, or maybe it was just because I was outside for excessive amounts of time, making long exposures and freezing my toes off in the process. But there was something so satisfying about being on the road again with Hjemstavn // Revisited, and though the purpose of the trip was to hang and open the exhibition in Janus Bygningen, of course we had to take a drive around the neighbourhood and shoot some new material.

Leaving Lindbjerg on Sunday afternoon felt like being in Todd Hido land, a photographer whos work I am inspired by and find very tranquil but also somewhat disturbing to look at, sort of the same feeling I get from our own images in Hjemstavn // Revisited.

© 2010 Lise Baltzer

I'm buying an Imacon scanner now, so I can finally get some of the endless rolls of film scanned and post more images here on '400NC'.

01 January, 2010

Revisited // Hjemstavn on the move again

Clearly I thought I would have much more time on my hands when I created this blog than what has been the case. I've started a new job, and I must admit that attending to my blog has not been on the top of my list of things to do as priorities have been elsewhere.

But, now it's time for Revisited // Hjemstavn to move to a new location. On Monday the exhibition will be dismantled from the ArtCentre Silkeborg Bad where it has been on show for 4 months, and move to Janus Bygningen. We will be setting up this coming week and opening on Saturday 9th January. I'm looking forward to seeing all our photos and videos again, and also to create a new visiual impression in new surroundings. We will have a new installation for this exhibition, and it will be good to get a few days of intense work with the group.

© 2009 Grupperingen Hjemstavn