13 November, 2011

Back from Oz and MAX A5

I came home with 24 rolls of film from the trip to Western Australia and I've been pouring over contact sheets the past three days - very exciting!

And as if that wasn't enough excitement, we've had 50+ artists accept our invitation for the MAX A5 art and sales exhibition at KONTOR gallery. We spent most of Friday afternoon and evening registering all the artwork for the show; there is so much good work and it will be a great exhibtion [where everything will be for sale at prices between 100 and 350 DKK].

The MAX A5 event will take place on Saturday 26 Nov, 11-16 at KONTOR gallery, Værnedamsvej 7A - stop by if you're in the neighbourhood that day, and buy some great art for yourself or family/friends.

18 September, 2011

Linda Hansen - II

She has done it again - created a universe where only Linda Hansen is allowed, with a book (artist print only?) and en exhibition running this week at KONTOR Projects she is letting us have a sticky-beek into her days and nights.

Jeg er Linda Hansen is showing us a blurry state between sleep and wake, with small and large bodies. And scratches on the surface made by found objects.

Linda Hansen, 2010

25 August, 2011

My dad

It's been two years since I met my father, and I think I'm finally ready to share the video of our first meeting more widely. Well, widely among those few who read my blog. Together with Hjemstavn // Revisited, this film is the starting point for my family explorations and I return to this day over and over.

Lise fik en far from Lise Baltzer on Vimeo.

08 July, 2011

Diptych SD

Eight days in San Diego produced very little new material, but just enough to add to the here or there series. And a diptych or maybe a triptych.

SD, 2011

SD, 2011

14 June, 2011

KONTOR projects feature Louise Saugmann and Jenny Nordquist

Louise Bøgelund Saugmann and Jenny Nordquist are exhibiting at KONTOR projects as part of Copenhagen Photo Festival. KONTOR projects gallery is open daily 12:00-18:00 through 19 June.
© Louise Bøgelund Saugmann

© Jenny Nordquist

06 February, 2011


Jenny has made a cool blog for KONTOR. Have a look at the postings from time to time; http://kontor7a.wordpress.com/

06 January, 2011

Book published

How quickly the days disappear and I'm still engulfed in various projects, but no closer to uploading scans in my blog. I'm now trapped in wintersnow again, but I at least managed to finish my project on Japan during the past year. I spent quite a few months editing a book, and had input from lots of good people, both fellow photographers and some who just love looking at images. This is the final result - the images will be uploaded on my website and the book can be viewed here: