29 September, 2013

HJEMSTAVN will be coming home

Less than a week to go before our 1-day event where the works of Grupperingen Hjemstavn will come back to where it all started: the gallery at Værnedamsvej. This event has been a long time in the making, and several obstacles and 'benspænd' mean that it is more than two and a half year ago these works were last on show. Since then they have been stored away in bubble wrap and brown paper, and I am starting to get that tingling feeling of excitement thinking of what it will be like to see them all again. And it is not just seeing the finished works again that I'm excited about, it is also revisiting all the events and life changing moments that happened while we were working on the HJEMSTAVN project; like meeting my father for the first time. Anyway, before I get carried away; if you are in the area on Saturday 5 October between 12 and 6 pm, then stop by at KONTOR Project, Værnedamsvej 7A - in addition to finally showing the works in Copenhagen, we will also auction the artist prints from the collection.

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